DB2 Space and SMS Pool Monitoring for z/OS
(Control, Planning, Automation)

zSPM automates Space- und DASD-Pool-Supervision of a z/OS system.
zSPM saves historical data for DB2 Capacity Management and Trend Analysis.
zSPM reports critical situations and escalates in different levels (Warnings, Errors, Alerts, Commands).


zSPM reviews the DASD periphery of a DB2 z/OS systems and its datasets. The goals are:

• Data collection for an improved capacity planning
• Securing production availability
• Alerts in case of shortages / potential errors
• Automated action in case of shortages / potential errors / superfluous datasets
• Hints for possible savings


Beside critical situations zSPM pinpoints potential savings. Examples are:
  • Active Pages of a tablespace or an index are much smaller then the allocated DASD space, e.g. primary allocation is too big
  • DASD pools are over-allocated.