New Generation SQL Access Path Rating & Comparison

is a new and pathbreaking performance tool for DB2 on z/OS, which provides interactive SQL tuning as well as mass analysis and access path rating and comparison in batch.
The graphical user interface integrates explain, a DB2 catalog browser, as well as a batch result display and a view into the dynamic statement cache.

The GUI is a „Single Point of Control“ for all of your DB2 subsystems.

zAPX explains SQL and compares access paths of static and dynamic SQL for the purpose of:
  • Application Development
    • Quality Assurance
    • Securing REBINDs in the maintenance process
    • Securing dynamic SQL and REBINDS during migration to a new version of DB2

Pasted Graphic

The GUI provides easy and intuitive usage as well as a maximum of flexibility and productivity.

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NEW Additional zAPX Module: Graphical Access Path Display